Lily-Rose Depp’s Modelling Career

Lily-Rose Depp’s Modelling Career

Lily-Rose is a young American model who is very serious about her career. She is only 16 years old, but due to her beauty and poise, she is attaining some attention in the modelling arena. She debuted as a model in March 2015 at Chanel’s Metier d’Art Collection in New York. Photographers love how she has perfected the sulky and provocative look. Her parents have a strong relationship with the television industry and they have supported their daughter in her chosen career. Lily-Rose has also tried her hand at acting with help from her father and made her debut in a film entitled “Tusk”. In 2015, she was cast in “Planetarium”, “Moose Jaws”, and was cast as Isadora Duncan in “The Dancers”.

Lily-Rose’s father, Johnny Depp, said that he is really worried about the modelling career she has chosen but has decided to trust her judgment. Her mother is French singer, Vanessa Paradis. According to Lily-Rose, at her age it is all about having fun and excitement in her life. Although she is showing she has a flair for fashion and performing during shoots, her walk on the runway ramp really needs improvement.

Lily-Rose is a role model for young girls for her beauty, courage, and confidence. She is not only beautiful, but she is also very confident and has a very bright future ahead of her.


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