Who are Nancy Leigh Kelley parents?

Who are Nancy Leigh Kelley parents?

Nancy Leigh, also known as “Naleigh” Mi-Eun Kelly was adopted by actor and movie producer Katherine Marie Heigl and actor/singer/songwriter Josh Kelley.

Katherine is best known for her role as Izzie Stevens on the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy, which ran for five years. She won an Emmy for this supporting role in 2007. Her critically acclaimed TV acting career quickly made way for Hollywood and she has starred in a number of high box office grossing movies such as Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, and others.

Katherine met her husband Josh on his music video in 2006, called as ‘Only You’. Josh is known for his country music career. He has 4 hit singles and is popular for his songs “Only You” and “Amazing”. He wrote the song “Hey Katie” for Katherine. 

The couple dated for quite a while before being married later in 2007. Three years into their marriage they decided to adopt a child from another country. They chose to adopt from South Korea. Nancy Leigh Kelley was born with a heart defect. She had to have open heart surgery before they left the country and returned to America. Nancy’s adoptive sister is also from South Korea, her name is Meg. Nancy is named after Katherine’s mother. Later in 2012, the couple adopted another daughter, but this time from their home country, the United States. Her name is Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley. Only a couple of months ago the happy couple declared the good news of their first biological child due in 2017.

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