Angelina Jolie - Child Actress

Angelina Jolie - Child Actress

One of the most successful Hollywood stars, Angelina Jolie Voight is certainly on top of the list of the celebrity kids. Her father Jon Voight was an academy award-winning actor. Angie overcome the problems like a broken home, hard life style when she was a child, two failed marriages and became one of the most admirable and successful women. She pulled all stops and never let success swell her head with pride.

Jon Voight, her father was an academy award winner and it is said, like father, like daughter, she also went on to achieve this highest award in the cinema.  She got her breakthrough when she won Golden Globe award for her performance in TNT’s George Wallace. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider made her an international superstar. In 2005, her movie, Mr&Mrs Smith brought back into the lime light and she met her future partner and current husband and father of her six kids, Brad Pitt, who was then married to Jennifer Aniston. They were applauded for their sizzling chemistry. By 2008, she was counted among the highest earning actresses.

Not only she is an amazing actress, she is also a active humanitarian. She noticed the horrible effects of war when she was shooting for Lara Croft, in war-torn Cambodia. She is also the goodwill ambassador of United Nations and donates to various charity organizations. She campaigns for women’s rights and joined Council of Foreign Relations in 2007. She has always pushed for legislation to help child immigrants and other vulnerable children in U.S and other developing nations.

She received various honors for her relentless work. She was awarded with Citizen of the world award by the United Nations correspondents association, Freedom award from the International rescue Committee. Truly, hats off to her great work.



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Angelina Jolie - Child Actress