Isabella Cruise’s Secret Scientology Wedding

Isabella Cruise’s Secret Scientology Wedding

Isabella Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. After being married and childless for 10 years, Tom and Nicole adopted two children, a boy, and a girl, Isabella. Isabella was only 22 when she married. Isabella was raised in the Church of Scientology as Tom Cruise was and is a member of the church. Bella met Mark Parker during her graduation.

Isabella married Mark Parker, but she did not invite her parents to her wedding. It was not a rumour, but a true story. People were so shocked to see. When Bella was asked about her parents, she said that it was not because they don’t talk to each other. She just tried to shortlist the guests, so she did not invite her parents.

On the other hand, Bella’s husband was a little harsher by saying that “It is, what it is.” in the same way, Mark’s mother said that she didn’t want to be a news item in the media circus.

In the meantime, Tom said he was very happy with the news of the wedding. He said, “I am okay with it”. He also paid for his daughter’s ceremony to which he was not invited. When Nicole was asked about what she thought about not being invited to her daughter’s wedding, she said that she is also very happy for her daughter and she always wanted to see her happy with her husband.


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