What do Juvenile, Usher, George Bush, and Joe Biden have in common?

What do Juvenile, Usher, George Bush, and Joe Biden have in common?

Although these celebrities and public figures seem very different at a glance, all coming from relatively different worlds. Juvenile is a rapper signed to power label Cash Money, Usher is a singer/songwriter/dancer, George Bush is a former governor and President of the United States, and Joe Biden is the current vice President of the United States. They are all linked by one somber type of tragedy. That tragedy is the loss of a child, one of the worst things possible events a family has to endure, and a very sobering realization and link between many.

For Juvenile, an absolutely devastating event left his life permanently altered. On a Thursday in March 2008, Juvenile’s wife, her daughter, and his 11 year-old daughter, were all shot and murdered in their hometown Lawrenceville, GA. Anthony Tyrone Terell, his wife’s son, was charged with all three murders.

For Usher, the tragic death of his 11 year-old stepson Kile occurred during a vicious battle for custody.

For George Bush, the former President lost his 3 year-old daughter to the slow and vicious process of Leukemia.

For Joe Biden, the Vice President lost his wife and 13 month-old daughter in a tragic car accident on the way to picking up a Christmas tree for the family.

While these celebrities might not be a group you’d expect to have connections, they’re grouped by mutual tragic loss. These deaths are a stark and somber reminder to all that life is fickle, and that disaster could affect anyone at any time. 

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