Who is Apple Martin?

Who is Apple Martin?

Apple Martin is the 11 year-old daughter of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. She has been blessed with extra ordinary qualities and her parents polished her skills by providing her opportunities to work. Her latest photoshoot illustrates her resemblance to her mother, having the same delicate facial features and gentle demeanour. She has been living in London, UK with her sibling Moses Martin. Her grandparents are Anthony Martin, Alison Martin, Bruce Paltrow, and Blythe Danner. Nicola Martin is her aunt and her uncles are Alex Martin and Richard Martin.

Chris Martin and his band, Coldplay, participated in the San Francisco, California Super Bowl show where he performed with Beyoncé in front of several thousand people and millions of television viewers. Apple Martin was calm and confident while watching her father practice for the show. According to her parents, one week before the show, she asked them to share their feelings and reviews about the Super Bowl. They said that they were a little nervous. Apple Martin replied, you should remember the worst thing to have happened to you when you are performing.    

Apple Martin has a strong voice and is learning to play the guitar just like her father Chris. She has obviously inherited her many skills and not just her looks.

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