Ashton Kutcher Gets Violent At Media For Publishing Pics of Baby Wyatt

Ashton Kutcher Gets Violent At Media For Publishing Pics of Baby Wyatt

On Twitter, Ashton Kutcher recently blasted social media websites and the paparazzi in general. Ashton recently found several pictures of his baby Wyatt on certain websites. His baby is still very young, and he does not want her exposed by the paparazzi right now. Ashton is fed up because he has complained about this in the past, but nothing has been done. The paparazzi continue to pursue the child. 

After the harsh statement Ashton put forth, however, he believes the paparazzi will stop for good. He also believes social media websites will consider their policies when it comes to people posting pictures. 

Ashton also stated that he does not know why the paparazzi wants to continuously take pictures of his baby. There is something new going on in Hollywood every single day. He believes these freelance workers can take pictures of other stores going through serious situations. 

Ashton is now consulting his lawyer and his friends. He wants to make sure he did the right thing by the comments he made on Twitter. He did not curse, but he did use a harsh tone to get his point across. 

Fans of Ashton Kutcher have left their thoughts all over the World Wide Web. These individuals agree with Ashton one hundred percent. If they were in his position, they would not want anyone taking pictures of their baby. The world is a crazy place. They also agree with the statements he made. His fans believe parents should protect their children no matter the situation, and this is the exact desire of Kutcher.


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