David Beckham’s daughter, helping her dad with hangover

David Beckham’s daughter, helping her dad with hangover

There are hundreds of ways considered best for making hangover symptoms disappear, but no one really thought that a child could beat them all. After his 40th birthday, David Beckham relived his young days, with headaches and nausea.

 Fortunately, his daughter’s care and cuteness was the best remedy – Rookie.
On Instagram, the former soccer player decided to give his fans a reason to smile.

The instant hit-photo gathered thousands of comments and hearts, all stolen by little Harper Beckham, who was tenderly taking care of his father.

After Beckham’s wife, Victoria, threw the birthday boy and amazing, friends only party on May 2nd, equipped with various foods and, of course, booze. Forgetting about what drinking actually makes you feel the next day, the former player had a hard time dealing with all of it, but thanks to his daughter who poured her love for him, he felt much better. Harper, 3 years old, thought that playing with his dad’s hair would make him feel better. And she was right! Harper started by tugging her dad’s hair in many ponytails and didn’t finish until the whole make-over was completed by a funky headband and a pink bow.

While resting on a chair, trying to get some vitamin D, David enjoyed a wonderful evening with his daughter’s marvellous skills when it comes to style and make-overs. Needless to say, this adorable little girl has the whole media at her finger and she didn’t even try. The picture also had the father’s words, “Someone is trying to make daddy feel pretty today after a heavy night.”



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